Innovation Award Winner - Accessories Award

you rock…

…because that’s how we roll!

As Caipora creates unique jewellery which not only respects your style and meaningful nature, but also up-cycles handcrafted pieces to present you with wonderful memories, today we searched for inspiration which symbolises different moments, personalities, and characteristics.

More than external beauty, each one of Caipora’s creations is full of culture, honour, trust and ethical practice, which echoes the people behind its artisanal work.



Polyvore stylist creations. We hope you love it!!

Dangerously charming by popcorn55    featuring Caipora by Manuca Vieira Back 2 Black up-cycled fish leather bracelet

Dangerously charming

set 787 by ana-angela featuring the beautiful  Precious Necklace

set 787

Mushroom & Canary by louise-stuart featuring Yellow Handcrafted Agate Maxi Necklace by Mecia Stela and Paula Santos
Mushroom & Canary
How I Look? Oh I Know by mindlesslyme143 featuring  Caipora by JS Design – aztec paper necklace

How I Look? Oh I Know

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