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…You & Me – He & You game, the results!


We asked you to define your characteristics and choose which Caipora piece[s] you would like to receive from your Valentine.

You responded in your droves, we loved your responses and have now created a selection from our collection which compliments your characteristics. But not only that, we’ve also sent it to your partner. So, keep your fingers crossed for a Caipora box this Valentines.



  • Relationship – Quirky &  Fun -  This combo is represented by our artistic Tun collection and was selected by almost 35% of our group! The ethical material, which is as beautiful as it is flexibly, is slowly proving that desire is related to design & creativity, not intrinsically attached to the material -   beat ring, kiss ring, love reminder ring
  • Relationship – Hot & Cold-  This most coveted bracelet is also one of our best sellers, created by our very talented designers, Paula Santos & Mercia Stela [MDT], the   dazzling bracelet.  Gold, pearls and embossed messages are combining care and meaning. This is no doubt a great affordable luxe option!
  • Relationship – Smooth - For this well establish “smooth” group, the most voted piece was the stunning  waterfall necklace, also by our designers Paula Santos and Mercia Stela.
  • Relationship – Be Mine – What a beauty! This group selected the exquisite and unique piece, the handcrafted crystal ring with a smashing 25% of votes!


Did you know?  While there are many different versions of how Valentine’s Day came about, the one that we love the most took place during the reign of Claudius II, 270 A.D.

Claudius was against his men getting married during wartime because he believed that they were stronger and more capable of fighting when single. However, Bishop Valentine went against Claudius and married couples in secret. For this crime, he was jailed and then executed on February 14, but before his death, he wrote a love letter and signed it using these words “From You Valentine”!


Thank you so much for letting us learn more about you and your relationship.


Hopefully one of our orders will be arriving to your door [meaning that your loved one is hearing your thoughts!].

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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