Innovation Award Winner - Accessories Award

leaves, roots and laces. memories and transformation…

…everyday basics with a special twist. A real treat!


Have you ever felt like preserving natural materials and memories?

Nothing remains as it was. Things are always moving and changing, constantly. Every second is a new second and by this, we always gain and lose something.

The beauty of this natural transformation is inspiring, intriguing and can be full of memories.
A smell, a song, a scenery, a culture, a personal feeling – they all build memories.

Inspired by simplicity and unforgettable moments to link nature, beauty and individuality,  Caipora is very proud to present “by Verde” collection.




Get real materials like beautiful tropical leaves, retro laces, meaningful fabrics, delicate flowers, all transformed into wonderful unusual, high quality ethical jewellery. A true representation of a meaningful affordable luxury piece!




We said – real material, , not interpreted or moulded.

All individual, unique and different. All handcrafted.  All precious.





As you can see, the innovation and final result becomes very special, not only for its incredible beauty, but for combining delicate and intrinsic details of a natural and fragile material with durability and luxe of precious metals.


How does it sound for you?
Get tuned and be the first to know when this collection is available.

Contact us and register your interest –, subject “real “.

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