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brazil – home of the 2014 fifa world Cup



The FIFA World Cup Brazil 14 kicked off last week, 12th June.
Under protests, morally and physically injured civilians, relocated families, the construction of massive structures and the disappointed nation, it seems that the bitter taste of unfairness is being held to hopefully follow up with the elections in October, the necessary step.

Among the arguable “copa das copas” [free translation - "the best world cup"], it is not easy to find good news.  However, we like to highlight what is positive. Things that can inspire, give goose bumps, teach or motivate change. Or simply draw a smile on your face.

Nevertheless, as most Brazilians, I always find a reason to be happy.  Also, I quite like football and unfortunately the boycott and idealism will not sort the problem. In the midst of 200 million people in action,  the vast majority really wants to release their voices and cheer, almost desperately in support for their country.


  • Highlight 1 – Union

Claus Wahlers, a German resident in Brazil, decided to record what he heard from his window during the first Brazilian game, against Croatia.

Related by passion, football fans in Brazil generally forget their manners. This is pure and genuine vibration.

If observed, the unconscious bond can form a unified celebration.

Product of a socially hurt country, reserved fans watched the game indoors. The screams are people in their homes and apartments. Their joy is heard in chorus. And no, those are not gunshots, but fireworks.

The video below was recorded in the region of Jardins, São Paulo, where there was no screen or large agglomerations.




  • Highlight 2. Solar Electricity Capacity


Four World Cup stadiums now have 5.4 MW of solar electricity capacity. More than any World Cup before.


Belo Horizonte’s Estadio Mineirão  (1.4 MW)
Brasilia’s Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha (2.5 MW)

Pernambuco’s Itaipava Arena (1.4 MW)

Rio de Janeiro’s legendary Maracana (500 kW).

Simon Trace, CEO of Practical Action, gives Brazil high marks in using solar energy in making the 2014 World Cup high on the sustainability depth charts, the “greenest” World Cup in history.

Find out more: Climate Progress  |  Earth Techling   | The Climate Reality Project     |  PV Tech




  • Highlight 3 – education and respect, a winning combination



Japan lost for Ivory Coast debut in the World Cup. But in terms of civility, won many points and became an example to be followed.

Among few cultures, collecting the own trash after the game may be a regular action. But ticking the good reasons, the Japanese crowd has been highly celebrated by the media and social networks for this reasonable, but uncommon gesture.

The group’s action is proving equally inspiring,  and inhabitants & other tourists alike are feeling motivated and starting to follow the example. This could become a clever trend.

The action has been generating comparisons about the way people behave in groups, especially in stadiums.


Following the example, Germans also got people’s attention. This time after the Fifa Fun Fest, in Copacabana Beach. Leading tourists and inhabitants, together they collected not only their own plastic cups, but also those of other regulars space,  encouraging the removal of objects that had been thrown to the ground during the event.

This is beautiful: a simple action resulting in cultural exchange.


 Simple actions can always make a difference and impact everyone.




  • Highlight 4 – beauty and the beast


Okay, by now I’m sure you got it – I love people, commotions, different cultures, celebrations, and certainly good football too.
My passion for intrinsic differences are regularly celebrated through beautiful and unusual designer pieces of jewellery by Caipora Designers.

However, this blog is all about Brazil and the World Cup. So, this post couldn’t finish without some respected eye candies.

From some of the most attractive players to the beautiful host cities of Brazil, hope you enjoy what was saved for last.

















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