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the perfect summer weekend means…

…time to relax and celebrate.
Time to have fun!

This is summer and we all deserve a break and a chance to enjoy the beautiful blue sky! Time go wild and have fun with friends and loved ones.

Once, I heard that life is a constant waiting game. And, that is so true – we are always waiting for something: a promotion, a new car, Mr right, a dream holiday, try on a vibrant summer block colour, a fantastic unique piece of jewellery, a new house, relocation, the new season, a baby, an award…and so on. It is a truly endless list for all of us!


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lightning the future…

caipora jewellery

… through nature & inspiration!

 guest post

Meanwhile nature met and got together with art, fashion and technology.

In its playful and poetic form, some projects came to light: delicate lace made of strawberry roots, strong textile fibers of spider silk from Madagascar and a Japanese ancestral fabric fujifu, made from the fiber lying under the bark of the branch of the wisteria, the flourished tree-creeper.
She got fascinated by the new designs, such as the origami-like dress, which blurs the boundaries between 2D and 3D.  Created by the French fashion designer Léa Peckre and the German textile designer Elisa Strozyk, this dress is made of laser cut triangular wood pieces attached to a textile base.

She got indulged by the Micro’be’  red wine dress, which is made by allowing microbes to ferment and “grow” into fabric that on the surface, color and texture are given.

She left Futurotextiles exhibition, that takes place in Paris, with her predictions confirmed: the future of fashion is in the combined development of the new textile technologiesbiodesign.


caipora ethical blog    biodesign caipora ethical blog

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earth day 2013…

…the face of climate change

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indigenous people day…


…wake up to the Indian who is within you


Today Brazil celebrates the The National Indian Festival, which is considered the largest indigenous cultural event in the world.


The festival is seen as an opportunity to learn about Brazilian indigenous peoples, since traveling to most tribal areas and reservations in Brazil is restricted and must be authorized by FUNAI, the National Indian Foundation.


Brazil turned 500 in 2000 and unfortunately still ignores the immense diversity of the Indigenous peoples living in its territory. It is estimated that, at the time the Europeans first arrived, there were more than 1,000 denominations, with a total of between 2 and 4 million people. Today they are  238 peoples , speaking more than 180 different languages and adding up to 896.917  individuals (IBGE, 2010).[read more]


Like any other human group, Indigenous people civilization results from the history of relationships among themselves, between them and the environment.

For Caipora, talking about the Indigenous people means talking about a very special family.  A family with a solid culture that sometimes can be surprisingly similar, such as in behaviour and general needs.

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mad about the girl…

we love Polyvore’s stylists!

Check our latest finding…

True Winter


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love, share and wear art

….get inspired by some hot looks

Today we learnt about the brilliant Gerhard Demetz sculptural work and we couldn’t leave it without comparing to some of our unique jewellery designs.

Look at this best seller design art necklace, by Marzio Fiorini

caipora design

caipora design

Appreciate this amazing sculpture from Gerhard Demetz

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for all amazing and inspiring women out there…

…we salute you!!

“Women are the best cheerleaders for our friends. We do for our friends whenever, wherever, and however we can, whether it’s to make the hard moments easier or the easy moments joyful.”

Shelly Rachanow, If Women Ran the World

you rock…

…because that’s how we roll!

As Caipora creates unique jewellery which not only respects your style and meaningful nature, but also up-cycles handcrafted pieces to present you with wonderful memories, today we searched for inspiration which symbolises different moments, personalities, and characteristics.

More than external beauty, each one of Caipora’s creations is full of culture, honour, trust and ethical practice, which echoes the people behind its artisanal work.



Polyvore stylist creations. We hope you love it!!

Dangerously charming by popcorn55    featuring Caipora by Manuca Vieira Back 2 Black up-cycled fish leather bracelet

Dangerously charming

set 787 by ana-angela featuring the beautiful  Precious Necklace

set 787

Mushroom & Canary by louise-stuart featuring Yellow Handcrafted Agate Maxi Necklace by Mecia Stela and Paula Santos
Mushroom & Canary

casual. urban. chic…

…following your urban rhythm

If you’re someone who enjoys comfort, but isn’t willing to sacrifice style, urban chic fashion is made for you.
Effortless cool, this has been created by jay-to-the-kay, a Polyvore stylist.


Untitled #310

Featuring: Caipora by Marzio Fiorini Urban Necklace


To follow this trend you should include an over-sized apparel and an abundance of drop-crotch action in the form of everything – from pants to jumpers, T-shirts to cardigans. You can wear each piece with ease and pull off an urban, boho or European look.


The extra light  rubber  Urban Necklace is adding uniqueness, personality and a quirky city look.  It embodies energy, vibrancy, happiness and independence. Combined to other handpicked accessories, they revamped and achieved a street style trend, presenting a bold and lively look, depicting friendship and fun..

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look of the day….


…aztec beauty

Created by barbiehooty – Polyvore’s stylist, this look below presents the aztec geometrical shapes trend, mixed with a daring color and forming a very modern & elegant look.

aztec beauty

Featuring - Caipora by Julieta Sandoval up-cycled paper art – Aztec Necklace.
[Psst - this gorgeous necklace is currently on sale and you save over 30% + gift packaging + UK free delivery.
Last few units, do not say I didn't tell you!!!]

Currently, these fearless prints are dominating all realms of apparel. From skirts and dresses to leggings and shoes, this is one style that continues to grow. Some women are even sporting tribal and geometrical prints as chic nail art, as highlighted by Polyvore’s stylist.


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