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Working towards maximising benefits to people while minimising the impact on the environment and having its focus related to – and not limited to – working conditions, sustainable production, the environment and animal welfare, all can describe an ethical practice.

The Ethical Fashion Forum says: “the meaning of ethical goes beyond doing no harm, representing an approach which strives to take an active role in poverty reduction, sustainable livelihood creation, minimising and counteracting environmental concerns.”


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“If you describe something as ethical, you mean that it is morally right or morally acceptable.”, Collins English Dictionary


For Caipora, the principals of ethical working practice and producing high quality unique jewellery are fundamental to the operation.

Zel Albuquerque, founder of caipora, says: “Through caipora, we can offer a selection of fantastic, unique and designer ethical jewellery creations that explore the well balanced relationship between humans, beauty and nature, both in material and form”.


caipora follows these fundamental principles:

  • You are guaranteed impeccable quality and finish in every one of our contemporary designs
  • You can be confident that we recognise the importance of recycling all materials
  • Your jewellery contributes to the sustainability of endangered areas
  • Our designers ensure that the environment is protected through using only recycled/ recyclable or easily replaceable natural materials
  • The social condition of those who are involved in the creation of the jewellery improves.
  • Specially selected designers work meticulously with professional artisans and ensure every piece is created in line with caipora’s culture of sustainability.

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Innovative jewellery brand Caipora was launched in the basis of creating alluring ethical jewellery pieces, protecting the environment and emphasising the importance of recycling natural materials”

What is so unique about the range is that alongside each piece, it is carefully detailed what materials have been used. In demonstrating how all the natural materials have been sourced, each piece of beautifully hand crafted jewellery has a story of its own to tell. Eco Chic

“With such noble mission that does not require you to sacrifice elegance and style, it is not surprising that Caipora Jewellery has won the Ethical Fashion Forum 2011 Innovation Awards for its passion and vision for sustainable fashion” Stigmed1a