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Unique ethical designer jewellery made from unusual materials to form balance and the feeling of engagement with nature.

Whether you are looking for a timeless or a statement piece, a handcrafted colourful agate or some meaningful charms, sterling silver and gems or golden grass and rubbers, through Caipora’s exclusive selection you are sure to find trendy designs, celebrity pieces, unusual natural materials and just incredibly beautiful jewellery gifts.


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The Jewellery *** Sterling Silver *** meaningful pendants, golden grass, gems, statement jewellery and pearls

The Jewellery *** Splash of colour ***gems, statement jewellery, natural and noble materials, rings, timeless and trendy

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Just herworkaholic, sports lover, discreet, art crush, city goddess, nature lover, first class style

Special Occasionsbirthday, wedding anniversary, treat, special date, other

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intriguing materials

Innovative jewellery brand Caipora was launched in the basis of creating alluring ethical jewellery pieces, protecting the environment and emphasising the importance of recycling natural materials”

What is so unique about the range is that alongside each piece, it is carefully detailed what materials have been used. In demonstrating how all the natural materials have been sourced, each piece of beautifully hand crafted jewellery has a story of its own to tell. Eco Chic

“With such noble mission that does not require you to sacrifice elegance and style, it is not surprising that Caipora Jewellery has won the Ethical Fashion Forum 2011 Innovation Awards for its passion and vision for sustainable fashion” Stigmed1a