Innovation Award Winner - Accessories Award

marzio fiorini

The well-known designer, Marzio Fiorini, lives between Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro. Fiorini’s concern with sustainability is applied through his choices of material, production and relations.

Fiorini took some 10 years to develop a unique rubber texture using the unusual recycled material of PVC. He creates light, durable, flexible and innovative jewellery, evoking unusual, exotic and artistic look. His expertise earned him the title, ‘Man of rubber’.

Fiorini assumes the connection between nature and human beings is inherent to simple daily actions, transforming them into art, which is reflected in his pieces.

The concept of art jewellery made from PVC with a rubber texture brought him worldwide recognition and his creations can be found in the museums of MoMa in San Francisco, Contemporary Art in Chicago, The American Art in New York and The George Pompidou Centre in Paris.