Innovation Award Winner - Accessories Award
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rita holanda

design jewellery

Fascinated by innovative designs, Holanda mixes silver, gold, precious stones and natural materials to stunning unique effect.

The balance between urban and contemporary styles surprises people, especially with the use of golden grass, a material which only exists in a small area of Brazil.

Holanda draws upon her travels and experiences to create her jewellery. Her career began as a history teacher as she wanted to learn more about human beings and the environment.

Some years later she went on to study in some of the best design schools, including one in Europe, developing skills to become a talented designer.

Growing up in Sao Paulo, she says, “The mix of people’s background there is enormous and I felt a big sense of achievement to learn more about it, to learn more about man itself.”

She adds, “As a consequence, when you love a person you love its environment, and it is impossible not to want to preserve it.”

Rita works with over 55 skilled artisans and has achieved some famous customers, an eclectic range of gallery exhibitions and the admiration of this luxurious ethical market.

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