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casual. urban. chic…

…following your urban rhythm

If you’re someone who enjoys comfort, but isn’t willing to sacrifice style, urban chic fashion is made for you.
Effortless cool, this has been created by jay-to-the-kay, a Polyvore stylist.


Untitled #310

Featuring: Caipora by Marzio Fiorini Urban Necklace


To follow this trend you should include an over-sized apparel and an abundance of drop-crotch action in the form of everything – from pants to jumpers, T-shirts to cardigans. You can wear each piece with ease and pull off an urban, boho or European look.


The extra light  rubber  Urban Necklace is adding uniqueness, personality and a quirky city look.  It embodies energy, vibrancy, happiness and independence. Combined to other handpicked accessories, they revamped and achieved a street style trend, presenting a bold and lively look, depicting friendship and fun..

This sort of casual style is relevant and emerging. It follows the wearer’s own rhythm. So keep your eye out, embrace your inner style guru and follow your gut.

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 credits  – Polyvore    – Trendland & Katie Pagnotta

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