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the perfect summer weekend means…

…time to relax and celebrate.
Time to have fun!

This is summer and we all deserve a break and a chance to enjoy the beautiful blue sky! Time go wild and have fun with friends and loved ones.

Once, I heard that life is a constant waiting game. And, that is so true – we are always waiting for something: a promotion, a new car, Mr right, a dream holiday, try on a vibrant summer block colour, a fantastic unique piece of jewellery, a new house, relocation, the new season, a baby, an award…and so on. It is a truly endless list for all of us!


This week Caipora’s team were waiting for two special occasions – a leaving party BBQ and our friend’s family dinner, in celebration of her long awaited engagement!

For the leaving party BBQ I had been told I should prepare the typical Brazilian cocktail – Caipirinha.
Have you ever tried this delicious citric drink? Humm, absolutely refreshing and trust me, you should not miss out…

If you have some BBQs booked in your diary and want to wear a young, casual and vibrant outfit, how about this look as a suggestion? It may be ideal for you…


caipora jewellery, ethical, vibrant

Ethical Brands :

Dress – People Tree
Shoes – Miista
Glasses – Retrosun
Hat – Pachacuti
Jewellery – Caipora’s best sellers gold drops necklace and happy mood bracelet

Here is a simple recipe for your delicious Caipirinha:
- 1 lime
- Sugar
- Cachaca [Silver]
- Lots and lots of ice

For the family celebration evening out, here is a simple and elegant suggestion that can guarantee you will be noticed for all the right reasons…

ethical, unusual, unique, luxurious, caipora jewellery

Dress – Kailique Online Boutique
Shoes – Terra Plana
Pashmina – HUMM
Jewellery – Caipora’s unique golden grass ring, the handcrafted agate necklace and a small preview of the new ethiCool bracelet – to be launched soon! ♥

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