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a gift of love…

…bespoke designs capture the beauty of the occasion

When choosing a gift for a loved one, friend or family member, particularly if it is for a special occasion, choosing a more personal, bespoke approach can deliver exactly what your heart wants to say. Be it a Valentine’s Day gift, wedding present, or Mother’s Day memento, trying to find something on the high-street that truly depicts the love you feel for that person and the joy you had in choosing it, simply cannot be delivered by and an off the shelf gift. It is here that bespoke comes into its own.

Commissioning a piece specifically with the wearer in mind allows you to create a one off item that can be passed on through generations. But it is not just the item that can be passed down; it’s the skills and craft used to create the piece.

For the beautiful and much loved couple, Selma and William, this was a meaningful bespoke rosary to celebrate their wedding. Created and produced in partnership with our very talented Fernanda Dubeux, by Verde, the rosary is individually crafted in lace. Once designed and handcrafted, the entire rosary went through a metallization process which beautifully finished the piece in rose gold. Freshwater pearls were added to mirror the details of Selma’s dress.

The beautiful and ethically produced piece not only incorporated the family’s wishes for the couple’s married life, but also through the thoughtful spiritual concept and creation of the piece.

Elegantly, the bride Selma carried the blessed rosary around her wrist as she walked down the aisle of the beautiful, Gothic inspired, Stone Cathedral. Holding her father’s arm, Selma walked in her shimmering embroidered gown to meet her groom, William. The light from her eyes and candles in the church set off her dress and peals on her bespoke rosary, perfectly.

Handcrafted to reflect the details of her intricate lace dress with a baroque twist, the design not only carried spiritual meaning and blessing, but also represented the couple’s passion for beautiful things. Caipora by Verde effortlessly captured this desire and delivered a breath-taking bespoke design. To extend the blessing to their marital home, the rosary, which was consecrated by their priest, now takes pride of place in their beautiful home reminding them of their love and reasons they are together.

Caipora also undertakes commissions for bespoke home and gift items which utilise the talent of their designers and exquisite crafting skills and materials. To celebrate the marriage of Mari and Be, a bespoke hand woven lace tray was created.

Mari and Be’s wedding was timeless, chic and beautifully represented the couple’s love, effortlessly. Mari and Be, who not only love beautiful crafts and meaningful pieces but are also hopeless romantics, were surprised and delighted by the bespoke gift given to them by Mari’s godson.


Handcrafted from hand-woven lace, the gift given to the couple carried with it passion, tradition, beauty and history. Through the design of the bespoke piece, the artisan’s skills and intricate techniques from past generations will be remembered. Not only is their skill clearly visible in the piece, but also the love that goes into creating something so meaningful and unique.

The one-of-a-kind gift can be handed down through generations of their family. It is a reminder not only of the love between Mari and Be, but also of the love for their godson. Gifts like this are irreplaceable and truly depict the energy and care in a relationship.


The gifts created by Caipora are filled with love and we wish both couple endless happiness for their futures.

If you would be interested in commissioning a one off, bespoke jewellery piece or gift please contact our consultants who would be happy to assist and make your vision, a reality.


  • Thank You- Robison Kunz, Eleanor Cheek, Fernanda Dubeux &brilliant team, Selma & William and Mari & Be

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