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high quality ethical jewellery
naturally inspired pieces.

ethical vibrant luxurious jewellery

The principals of ethical working practice and producing high quality jewellery are fundamental to the operation of Caipora.

Its founder, Zel Albuquerque, combines her love of fashion with the passionate belief in being environmentally responsible, sourcing materials and products that have been ethically produced.

Zel’s background combines experience of Brazil, Italy, Spain and the UK and results in an appreciation and love of cultural mix, expression and heritage.

She says – “Living in the UK for so many years gave me the necessary edge and confidence to find out ways to add more beauty and meaning into people’s lives. Through Caipora, we can offer a selection of fantastic, unique and designer ethical jewellery creations that explore the well balanced relationship between humans, beauty and nature, both in material and form”.

ethical, vibrant and luxurious jewellery

The name Caipora is synonymous with environmental responsibility, too – it is an entity of indigenous Tupi-Guarani mythology of Brazil, and means ‘the forest protector’.

caipora follows these fundamental principles:
  • You are guaranteed impeccable quality and finish in every one of our contemporary designs
  • You can be confident that we recognise the importance of recycling all materials
  • Your jewellery contributes to the sustainability of endangered areas
  • Our designers ensure that the environment is protected through using only easily replaceable natural materials
  • The social condition of those who are involved in the creation of the jewellery improves.

about the jewellery

ethical, vibrant, luxurious jewellerySpecially selected designers work meticulously with professional artisans to ensure every piece is created in line with Caipora’s culture of sustainability.

Riverside communities in Brazil use native knowledge to source materials in a completely sustainable way, so that the environment is left unharmed.

Seeds and golden grass are collected during periods of harvest and off- cut materials from other industries are recycled. Most of these recycled materials are regulated by bodies such as the Forest Stewardship Council.

ethical, vibrant, luxurious jewelleryAll of the extraction activities, for each material we use, are monitored by local environmental agencies and many of the suppliers are also known as “eco-friendly” merchants.

You can be assured in Caipora’s firm belief in following a lifestyle that cultivates a fair, and ethical conscious “mind, body, and soul”, whilst paying strict attention to the best style, quality and aesthetics in all our jewellery. Caipora constantly strives to improve itself and its relationship with the environment.

If you want to learn more about Caipora’s products and services, please feel free to contact us.