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wave rubber necklace…


…laser cut everything!



We love the way LATEST WRINKLE styled our gorgeous WAVE natural rubber laser cut necklace by our Fire collection, TUN.

Find out more about other beautiful pieces – here.

brazil – home of the 2014 fifa world Cup



The FIFA World Cup Brazil 14 kicked off last week, 12th June.
Under protests, morally and physically injured civilians, relocated families, the construction of massive structures and the disappointed nation, it seems that the bitter taste of unfairness is being held to hopefully follow up with the elections in October, the necessary step.

Among the arguable “copa das copas” [free translation - "the best world cup"], it is not easy to find good news.  However, we like to highlight what is positive. Things that can inspire, give goose bumps, teach or motivate change. Or simply draw a smile on your face.

Nevertheless, as most Brazilians, I always find a reason to be happy.  Also, I quite like football and unfortunately the boycott and idealism will not sort the problem. In the midst of 200 million people in action,  the vast majority really wants to release their voices and cheer, almost desperately in support for their country.


  • Highlight 1 – Union

Claus Wahlers, a German resident in Brazil, decided to record what he heard from his window during the first Brazilian game, against Croatia.

Related by passion, football fans in Brazil generally forget their manners. This is pure and genuine vibration.

If observed, the unconscious bond can form a unified celebration.

Product of a socially hurt country, reserved fans watched the game indoors. The screams are people in their homes and apartments. Their joy is heard in chorus. And no, those are not gunshots, but fireworks.

The video below was recorded in the region of Jardins, São Paulo, where there was no screen or large agglomerations.




  • Highlight 2. Solar Electricity Capacity


Four World Cup stadiums now have 5.4 MW of solar electricity capacity. More than any World Cup before.


Belo Horizonte’s Estadio Mineirão  (1.4 MW)
Brasilia’s Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha (2.5 MW)

Pernambuco’s Itaipava Arena (1.4 MW)

Rio de Janeiro’s legendary Maracana (500 kW).

Simon Trace, CEO of Practical Action, gives Brazil high marks in using solar energy in making the 2014 World Cup high on the sustainability depth charts, the “greenest” World Cup in history.

Find out more: Climate Progress  |  Earth Techling   | The Climate Reality Project     |  PV Tech




  • Highlight 3 – education and respect, a winning combination


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leaves, roots and laces. memories and transformation…

…everyday basics with a special twist. A real treat!


Have you ever felt like preserving natural materials and memories?

Nothing remains as it was. Things are always moving and changing, constantly. Every second is a new second and by this, we always gain and lose something.

The beauty of this natural transformation is inspiring, intriguing and can be full of memories.
A smell, a song, a scenery, a culture, a personal feeling – they all build memories.

Inspired by simplicity and unforgettable moments to link nature, beauty and individuality,  Caipora is very proud to present “by Verde” collection.




Get real materials like beautiful tropical leaves, retro laces, meaningful fabrics, delicate flowers, all transformed into wonderful unusual, high quality ethical jewellery. A true representation of a meaningful affordable luxury piece!




We said – real material, , not interpreted or moulded.

All individual, unique and different. All handcrafted.  All precious.




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kindness is always fashionable!

Amelia E. Barr is so right – kindness is always fashionable!

caipora jewellery

find your ethiCool pendant

a gift of love…

…bespoke designs capture the beauty of the occasion

When choosing a gift for a loved one, friend or family member, particularly if it is for a special occasion, choosing a more personal, bespoke approach can deliver exactly what your heart wants to say. Be it a Valentine’s Day gift, wedding present, or Mother’s Day memento, trying to find something on the high-street that truly depicts the love you feel for that person and the joy you had in choosing it, simply cannot be delivered by and an off the shelf gift. It is here that bespoke comes into its own.

Commissioning a piece specifically with the wearer in mind allows you to create a one off item that can be passed on through generations. But it is not just the item that can be passed down; it’s the skills and craft used to create the piece.

For the beautiful and much loved couple, Selma and William, this was a meaningful bespoke rosary to celebrate their wedding. Created and produced in partnership with our very talented Fernanda Dubeux, by Verde, the rosary is individually crafted in lace. Once designed and handcrafted, the entire rosary went through a metallization process which beautifully finished the piece in rose gold. Freshwater pearls were added to mirror the details of Selma’s dress.

The beautiful and ethically produced piece not only incorporated the family’s wishes for the couple’s married life, but also through the thoughtful spiritual concept and creation of the piece.

Elegantly, the bride Selma carried the blessed rosary around her wrist as she walked down the aisle of the beautiful, Gothic inspired, Stone Cathedral. Holding her father’s arm, Selma walked in her shimmering embroidered gown to meet her groom, William. The light from her eyes and candles in the church set off her dress and peals on her bespoke rosary, perfectly.

Handcrafted to reflect the details of her intricate lace dress with a baroque twist, the design not only carried spiritual meaning and blessing, but also represented the couple’s passion for beautiful things. Caipora by Verde effortlessly captured this desire and delivered a breath-taking bespoke design. To extend the blessing to their marital home, the rosary, which was consecrated by their priest, now takes pride of place in their beautiful home reminding them of their love and reasons they are together.

Caipora also undertakes commissions for bespoke home and gift items which utilise the talent of their designers and exquisite crafting skills and materials. To celebrate the marriage of Mari and Be, a bespoke hand woven lace tray was created.

Mari and Be’s wedding was timeless, chic and beautifully represented the couple’s love, effortlessly. Mari and Be, who not only love beautiful crafts and meaningful pieces but are also hopeless romantics, were surprised and delighted by the bespoke gift given to them by Mari’s godson.

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inspiration du jour…

…You & Me – He & You game, the results!


We asked you to define your characteristics and choose which Caipora piece[s] you would like to receive from your Valentine.

You responded in your droves, we loved your responses and have now created a selection from our collection which compliments your characteristics. But not only that, we’ve also sent it to your partner. So, keep your fingers crossed for a Caipora box this Valentines.



  • Relationship – Quirky &  Fun -  This combo is represented by our artistic Tun collection and was selected by almost 35% of our group! The ethical material, which is as beautiful as it is flexibly, is slowly proving that desire is related to design & creativity, not intrinsically attached to the material -   beat ring, kiss ring, love reminder ring
  • Relationship – Hot & Cold-  This most coveted bracelet is also one of our best sellers, created by our very talented designers, Paula Santos & Mercia Stela [MDT], the   dazzling bracelet.  Gold, pearls and embossed messages are combining care and meaning. This is no doubt a great affordable luxe option!
  • Relationship – Smooth - For this well establish “smooth” group, the most voted piece was the stunning  waterfall necklace, also by our designers Paula Santos and Mercia Stela.
  • Relationship – Be Mine – What a beauty! This group selected the exquisite and unique piece, the handcrafted crystal ring with a smashing 25% of votes!


Did you know?  While there are many different versions of how Valentine’s Day came about, the one that we love the most took place during the reign of Claudius II, 270 A.D.

Claudius was against his men getting married during wartime because he believed that they were stronger and more capable of fighting when single. However, Bishop Valentine went against Claudius and married couples in secret. For this crime, he was jailed and then executed on February 14, but before his death, he wrote a love letter and signed it using these words “From You Valentine”!


Thank you so much for letting us learn more about you and your relationship.


Hopefully one of our orders will be arriving to your door [meaning that your loved one is hearing your thoughts!].

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


they say…


…being happy does not spend electricity and generates much more light!


Today I wish that we can delight ourselves with simple things, like a child playing in the rain for the first time!


Kayden + Rain from Nicole Byon on Vimeo.


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ethical jewellery sale

Ethical jewellery SALE

It is the giving back time and Caipora is giving you a very special 20% off – ALL jewellery pieces!


The 20% off January sale — ALL jewellery pieces

 Let’s start the 2014  new year in a great mood! How about enjoying our  traditional  20% off ?
We mean – 20% off ALL jewellery pieces – up to 31st January 2014 [**or until the very limited stock lasts].


This is a fabulous opportunity! Make sure you won’t miss it and get your favorite jewellery piece. Start the year making your ethical statement!

Love, Zel & Caipora Designers xx

Our talented designers create pieces to match your individual style or mood. These artistic creations can also make fabulous unique and exciting gift for friends and loved ones!

Caipora Collections

Fire – fun and vibrant  |    Air – joyous tranquility  |  Earth – mysterious beauty  |  Water  – clean and beautiful


Special promotion – ends on 31st January 2014 or subject to stocks availability | covers ALL and ANY jewellery piece & GIFT CARDS | Subject to change without notice.

Just select and add your favorite jewellery piece[s] and the coupon code  ethical-special should be automatically available for you to redeem the 20% off  discount check out.  



natural jewellery

Image- Natural Materials [amazonian seeds & golden grass]

christmas pop up…

  • When? From 28 Nov – 22 Dec
  • Which dates will I find Caipora exhibiting?   28 Nov & 29 Nov, 4th Dec and from 18th to 22nd Dec
  • Why visit ? To find an amazing range of unique jewellery creations, an exclusive private promotion and a one to one with our own Creative Director, Zel Albuquerque.
  • Do you have new creations? Yes, and you will love them! With new additions to the Water and the Fire collections, we cannot wait to present you these beautiful new items to you. They are super gifts and classified as *affordable luxury*.  Treasure!




christmas tree


jewellery gifts

love art & creativity? love innovation…

                                            …and about Christmas? So, this is for you!


When searching for creative DIY Christmas ideas we found this amazing online article, created by  Bored Panda.

The content is right up our street and we had to share it with you!


Decorating the Christmas tree with our family is probably one of the best childhood memories we have. However, not everyone likes the idea of cutting down the trees, so people came up with an idea to replace them with artificial ones. And now, as the boundaries of imagination are only expanding, the most recent trend is the DIY Christmas trees!

For the spaces, that couldn’t fit an actual Christmas tree, or for the people, who want to make the holidays even more special, a DIY Christmas tree is a great project. That way, you can pick the size, the colour, the style and the texture completely on your own, and make the Christmas tree look like a beautiful accessory, complementing the interior. What is more, that way it will definitely be one of a kind! To give you some ideas, we have made a selection of some DIY X-mas trees that we liked a lot. What will yours look like this year?

Shelf-made Christmas Tree

bored panda DIY-christmas-trees-5

Light Christmas Tree

bored panda DIY-christmas-trees-24

Wall Collection Christmas Tree

bored panda DIY-christmas-trees-23-1  bored panda DIY-christmas-trees-23-2

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