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Caipora presents the four ranges contemporary designer jewellery made from unusual materials to form balance and the feeling of engagement with nature.

All pieces are inspired & created as a celebration of different moods and personalities.

It fits different budgets, styles and wardrobes.

It enhances the wearer’s uniqueness.

Whether your friend & loved one may look for timeless,  statement pieces,  handcrafted colourful gems or meaningful charms, through Caipora’s exclusive collections & ranges you can be sure she is going to find trendy designs, celebrity pieces and unusual natural materials and techniques.



 Order online entering any value and Caipora’s Gift Certificate is sent to you via email.


Facts about shopping our exclusive gift certificate

 -  Your loved one can be delighted to discover a wide range of wonderful, truly unusual and ethical designer jewellery

-   Your order is going to contribute to the sustainability of endangered areas
-  Your support enable our designers to ensure that the environment is protected through using only easily replaceable natural materials
-  You are guaranteed impeccable quality and finish in every one of our contemporary designs
-  You can be confident that we recognise the importance of recycling all materials
-  And of course, you are going to get it right as she will be able to select her favourite jewellery throughout her personality or mood, owning an exclusive limited edition piece of  ethical, vibrant and luxurious jewellery.

Who adores unique jewellery will be touched by your action and the thoughtful company selection!